Benefits of Pervious Concrete

Environmental Benefits

  • Eliminates untreated storm water and creates zero runoff!
  • Directly recharges groundwater
  • Mitigates “first flush” pollution
  • Protects streams, watersheds, and ecosystems
  • Mimics the drainage and filtration of bioswales and natural soils
  • Reduces surface temperatures and heat island effects
  • Provides a higher albedo surface reflectivity index (0.35 or higher)
  • Eliminates need for expensive collection and detention systems

Development Benefits

  • All storm water catch basins structures within the plat
  • All storm water piping to detention vaults and ponds and their subsequent maintenance and bonding
  • The need for detention vault/piping systems and their many problematic issues
  • The need for interior plat curbing
  • The oily asphalt road surfaces while replacing them with a thick, rigid concrete surface with a 30+ year life expectancy

Financial Benefits

  • A pervious infrastructure is much more profitable for the developer
  • Eliminates time consuming and costly storm water detention vaults and piping systems
  • Eliminates the cost of curb and gutter installations
  • Reclaims lots otherwise consumed by vaults and ponds


A stormwater infrastructure that utilizes pervious concrete is great for the environment, speeds the development process, and is more profitable for the developer!