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Stratford Place

Stratford Place is a 20 lot housing development constructed in 2006 in Sultan, WA. It is the first such development in the Northwest to utilize pervious concrete for streets, sidewalks, and driveways.

This project won the Excellence in Concrete Award in 2006 from the Washington Aggregates and Concrete Association (WACA).

It has endured snow storms, freezing, and a several 50 year rain storm events and flooding.

This photo album shows the process of a pervious concrete driveway pour at Stratford Place, a 20-lot plat in the City of Sultan, WA (built with an entire pervious stormwater management system).

Entrance drive with colored sidewalks

Close up of colored sidewalks

Street view with colored sidewalks and parking

Pervious Concrete Pour
Pervious has to be poured very dry. It's not unusual to have to pull the material down the shoot.

Pervious Concrete
Placing pervious demands an experienced team. Note the coarse rock base that handles water after it passes through the pervious.

Pervious Concrete
Properly placed, pervious can handle 200+ inches of water per hour.

Pervious Concrete
Covered curing for 7 days is essential.

Pervious Concrete
Pervious shouldn't be handled too much during finishing.

Pervious Concrete
When screeting pervious, use a method that both screeds and compacts the surface.

Pervious Concrete
When placing pervious, do not over work the mix.

Pervious Concrete
When placing pervious, some finish hand tamping and rollering smoothes out surfaces.

Pervious Concrete
When edging pervious, tamp and set edgers; traditional troweling creams over voids.